Saturday, August 22, 2009

The End

Thank you to everyone who supported me this summer, whether financially, in prayer or simply by being my friend. This summer will always go down in Michaela History has the summer unlike any other. The experiences I had were truly priceless.

My flights home went smoothly. I was surprised at the airport in Kansas City by my boyfriend Kurt. After debriefing at Avant Ministries, Kurt & I drove up to Downers Grove, Illinois, his home town. I got to spend two weeks with his family in Illinois & in Wisconsin at their lake house. Kurt & I then made the drive down to Tallahassee.

All in all, this summer I visited/traveled through: North Carolina, Virginia, California, Minnesota, Missouri, Georgia, Chile, Argentina, Illinois, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida!

I am currently adjusting to being back home. I have moved into my new house, gotten things in line for school starting Monday & caught up with friends.

Again thank you for your support & for following this blog.
~Michaela Rae

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