Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 3

This morning I got a lesson on using a Lampaso. Which is an outside mop used on sidewalks here. You can see men & women all down the street each morning using them. I'll post a picture later.

I then ran arrends with Paul which turned in to a long vocabulary lesson. At every store front we would stop on the side walk & he would ask, ¿Qué se vende aquí? (what is sold here?). Some were easy give aways but others not so much. Partly because stores here sell the oddest product combinations. For instance, one store sold mattresses & sheet-rock. A locksmith was also a store selling odd car parts, such as, side mirrors.

After la siesta (during which i spent very little time sleeping & a lot more time skyping with Kurt) I got some work done & helped Beth make dinner. I love the amount of cooking that is done here. No microwavable meals or fastfood resturants on every corner.

From 9-11 tonight I attended a class Paul teaches at the Bible Institute. There were about 20 students ages 20's-50's. I had some of my first conversations, some went very well while others were pretty difficult. I was able to understand the majority of the class teaching & discussion though.

For the first time today I noticed all the shrines to Mary around town. Argentina is obviously largely Catholic & Mary is the major figure. At almost every neighborhood entrance is a shrine & often you can see personal shrines in people's yards.

Time for sleep!
~Michaela Rae

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