Monday, June 8, 2009

the Andes

Today has topped all the rest so far! We spent the entire day up in the Andes mountains. It was perfect whether, beautiful scenery, good company & a nice break from the pace of things here in the city. I took hundreds of photos. I put a lot on facebook but here are a few of my favorites. Click to view them larger.

I love knowing that there are thousands of places around the world equally or more beautiful than the ones I have seen today. I am in awe of God's creation, it makes me want to travel 100x more. I am so thankful for this opportunity.

I think I'm finally becoming familiar with the layout of the city. I'm also becoming more comfortable in trying to speak with people. I'm accepting the fact that I am "that foreign person" who can't speak correctly & may say or do stupid things sometimes. It's a strange feeling to be in that position. It's amazing how much effort you can put into do everything right, but when it comes down too it, it's not realistic. So, perfection is being thrown out of the window. It's the only way I can make real progress without driving myself loco.

~Michaela Rae

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